Ekaterina 06 by Shimamura81

Dear Eros, 

With this work we finalize a series of drawings made as illustrations for a magazine in November and December 2011. Some of them have become paintings.

They are all made of charcoal and sanguine.

I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your work and your comments to my drawings, so thank you so much.

This work is one of my favorites. I hope you like it.

There is one last job to be published, probably the best. I’ll post it as soon as possible. 

See you soon 


Charcoal & Sanguine

Danilo, for me, your work is a pleasure to post and I so appreciate your continued support thru your great contributions and talented works. Keep ‘em coming & I’ll keep posting  :)

~ Eros

Young Girl by Shimamura81 

My most sincere apologies. With regards to this last post, I had to act upon my instincts. I do not know what the specific rules are for posting art illustrations of young girls, however, I can tell you with certitude that I have no desire to find out the hard way here. Therefore, the submitted image has been removed. My apologies to the artist as this has absolutely no reflection upon your talent.